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An icon of Mauritian dining since 1989, Le Capitaine has carved its place along the serene shores of Grand Bay by serving fresh, authentic coastal cuisine night after night. As one of the village's most treasured culinary establishments, this charming seafood restaurant allows diners to soak up sweeping ocean vistas while enjoying the catch of the day and other locally sourced specialties lovingly prepared with care and creativity.

The restaurant's essence lies in its simplicity - letting the natural beauty and flavours of the island speak for themselves. Under the direction of Founder Koomaren Chetty, Son Prabagaren and Chef Avi, Le Capitaine reinvents traditional recipes passed down through generations, embracing time-honoured cooking techniques that allow each ingredient's essence to shine. Signature dishes like the flavourful Local Seafood Bouillon, brimming with the freshest selection from local fishermen, and the Fragrant Golden Crab Curry, its sauce carefully perfumed with aromatic island spices, capture the spirit of Mauritius.


The mix of old stone and wood create an intimate colonial inspired atmosphere. Le Capitaine further transports guests into the heart of a coastal fishing village. Weathered wooden tables, delicately strung lights, and seashell accents echo the rhythm of the bay just beyond the doors. The terrace, kissing the shoreline, offers diners front-row sunset views. Attentive yet unintrusive service makes every meal feel like an evening amongst long-time friends. After over 30 years as one of Grand Bay's culinary pillars, Le Capitaine remains dedicated to celebrating the rich food traditions of Mauritius with coastal cuisine that starts with quality ingredients handled with care and respect.

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