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A marvellous restaurant
in the heart of Grand Bay.

No business can survive without positive bonds between owners, management and staff be it through good communication, staff welfare and consideration.

At Le Capitaine these bonds are channelled through all staffs on regular interaction. We have a very low staff turnover,among the 3 three staffs who started the business with Mr Koomaren Chetty in 1989, 2 are still working, one who joined in 1994 is still leading thekitchen team, most of the staff have been here for more than 10 years and change forms part of their culture.

Le Capitaine is one of the oldest restaurant serving sea food situated in the village of Grand Bay facing the sea on the “small bay”. The restaurant was only serving simple food like grilled fish, meat etc for lunch and dinner with capacity of 40 covers and a staff of 3 members but support from his mother and sister Toolam was vital in case of emergency.


The project started in 1988, but the restaurant was opened only in 1989. In 1993 the cuisine took a leap frog step with the arrival of one of the most creative and innovative chef kris Panchoo and clients flow increased drastically.

In 1998 he decided to pull down the restaurant building and on for a new Le Capitaine with open terrasse serving for 100 covers. His wife Poovanam and brother Arou joined him as support. As time goes on Le Capitaine has build up a solid reputation of being one of the most consistent restaurant in service and food quality. In June 2011, renovation works take Le Capitaine to higher heights which will cater for more than 200 covers in colonial / creole style decor and ergonomic kitchen for high standard hygiene and sharp service.

Since 2002 Le Capitaine Restaurant Ltd has opened a second restaurant in Caudan Waterfront, Le Capitaine du Port facing the harbour in Port Louis which is being looked after by Mrs Chetty.


At the age of 20 after his father’s sudden death, Koomaren Chetty looked over the shop business that his father, late Bala Chetty and mother Anba was running. After some time, he decided to open a restaurant on the first floor of the shop to reap revenue for the 6 family members. During the last days of his father’s life, many requests were made to rent the place for the setting up of a restaurant, to which Koomaren had been witnessed. With no experience and some savings that he received from his mother, he took the challenge to launch into the restaurant venture. At first, mama Anba was reluctant to the idea but later conceded and gave her blessings for the opening of a restaurant. With the help of Sonah and one waiter, Le Capitaine was inaugurated on the 22th of June 1989. Fish has been and is still the food of choice to be served. Fish is nothing new to him. His father was the owner of fishing boats and was the main supplier of fresh fish to the surrounding hotels in late 80’s. In 1992, the restaurant business was prospering while that of the shop was in decline. His mother then decided to close down the shop and the restaurant was transferred to the ground floor.