At the age of 20 after his fatherís sudden death, koomaren Chetty looked  over the shop business that his father late Bala Chetty and mother Anba was running and after some time decided to open a restaurant on the first floor of the shop in order to get more  income for the 6 family members.. During the last days of his fatherís life many request were being made to rent the place for setting up of a restaurant which koomaren has witnessed and without  experience and some savings he got his mother to accept the challenge which at first she was reluctant but later but later accepted  otherwise and with the help of Sonah and one waiter he succeed in opening the restaurant on the 22th of June 1989.  Fish is nothing new to him as his father was the owner of fishing boats and was the main supplier of fresh fish to the few hotels in the surrounding during late 80ís.  In 1992 with the restaurant business getting better his mother decided to close the shop business as income was not good ,the restaurant was transferred to the ground floor.